Moo Milk – Vanilla

ON THE face of it, a Vanilla Milkshake is arguably one of the least eye catching new products that you could potentially find on the shelves. However Moo Milk have done exactly that with their new limited edition Milkshake.

A branch of Crediton Dairy, Moo Milk specialises in producing 1% fat Milkshakes in one litre cartons and the dairy itself even won the prestigious Dairy Industrial Award in 2013.

Surprisingly, this Milkshake actually tastes quite different to a standard Vanilla Milkshake. It pours and looks like a standard Milk yet it tastes quite thick and has quite a creaminess because of the 1% fat. But it actually tastes just like melted Vanilla Ice Cream. So if you’ve ever stirred Ice Cream until it melts into a bit a liquid, this will taste exactly the same. With it being really creamy and as flavourful as Ice Cream, Moo Milk could definitely turn this limited edition product into a regular flavour and their popularity will surely increase.

Price: £1 (Morrisons)

Calories: 57 per 100ml (570 per carton)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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2 thoughts on “Moo Milk – Vanilla

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