The Death of Fayre & Square & The Top Ten Dishes That Are Going to be Missed (Gallery)

FAYRE & Square is no more. It’s lost its identity, its ingenuity, its creativity and, most of all, its pulling power.

The warning signs were there, it was noted in their last new menu that Fayre & Square’s new deals were surprisingly similar to Hungry Horse and with their reward card being taken away at the start of November, eyebrows really should have been raised. But now that Greene King have firmly taken hold of their acquisitions from the Spirit Pub Company, that they purchased over a year ago, Fayre & Square’s ‘new menu’ for Autumn is an exact replica of Hungry Horse’s, arguably Greene King’s most popular chain.

menuThis means that popular, ingenious, dishes like the Hog Board/Piggy Platter, Baked Camembert, Brownie in a Mug, Chick and Mix, Helter Skelter, Chicken Lollipops and the like are no longer on the menu and this is going to cause a lot of disappointment. Amongst all of the chained restaurants, Fayre & Square was the only place to offer Baked Camembert and it certainly offered customers an alternative to other chains.

The only thing that’s been kept by Greene King is their Children’s Menu which still contains all the pirate themed fun despite losing all of the clever pun-names for the dishes. The menus look exactly the same apart from a different colour scheme and changing the name of the greaseproof paper from Hungry Horse to Fayre & Square.


Fayre & Square’s Curry Banquet (left), Hungry Horse’s Big Plate Curry (right).

Despite being owned by the same company now, Fayre and Square aren’t apparently allowed to use the same names as Hungry Horse for their dishes. So instead of Big Plate Specials, there’s Mega Meals & Super Steaks. The classic Muchos Nachos Grande is Grande Nachos, the Gigantic Gammon is Giant Gammon, the Mega Yorkshire Pudding is the Mighty Yorkshire Pudding, the Big Plate Curries are now the Curry Banquets and the world famous Candymania is now the Colossal Cookie Candy Sundae.

The prices are exactly the same but not all of Hungry Horse’s dishes have made it onto the Fayre & Square menu. For instance, Hungry Horse’s more recent platter style dishes like Oceans Aplenty, American platter & Taco Feast haven’t been brought to the Fayre & Square table. This means there’s less choice at Fayre & Square which furthers decreases the need to visit. Being taken in by the advertisement of a new menu, it was a huge disappointment to find this out and
there will therefore be no need to review the menu.

It has to be noted though although dishes at both pubs cost exactly the same, Fayre & Square’s Curry Banquet was actually smaller and not as nice as Hungry Horse’s Big Plate Curry. The dish containing the Curry was smaller and you can tell this by the fact it’s harder to mix the rice into the bowl. There’s only a handful of Chips compared to Hungry Horse’s mountain of Chips and the Naan Bread was extremely tough and dry.

Unless you have a particular liking to a certain Fayre & Square pub or its staff, there’s really no reason to warrant visiting now that Greene King have ruined the chain and that’s extremely disappointing. But there is hope. There’s supposed to be big things coming to Fayre & Square in late November and this will hopefully change the chain back to the popular and creative chain that it was.

If you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about and aren’t really familiar with what Fayre & Square was about, here’s our top ten creative dishes that’s going to be missed the most:

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Fayre & Square Autumn/Winter Menu 2015/2016 – With Pics

Fayre & Square Spring Menu 2016 – (With Pics)


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