Pop Chips Ridged

POPPED meets ridged as Pop Chips have decided to try and reinvent themselves with their latest idea to hit the shelves.

This new idea for a Crisp is available in the standard Pop Chips sharing bags and they come in four flavours; Mature Cheddar & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Smoky Bacon and Crazy Hot. The idea of adding a ridge to a popped Crisp seems to be purely aesthetic and most of the Crisps actually only seem to be ridged on one side, potentially because of their make-up. The ridges also seem to take away that satisfying crunch you tend to get with popped Crisps and they also don’t seem to be the fullest sharing bags around. The selling point that these do have though is that they have less fat than both standard fried Crisps and ridged Crisps.

All of that aside, Pop Chips have created something different which has to be commended and it offers something new for everyone to try. The Mature Cheddar & Onion Ridged Pop Chips weren’t really that flavourful but they did have a nice Cheese & Onion taste to them. It wasn’t a strong Onion taste but it had a tang that’s similar to Golden Wonder Crisps. These would be a really good purchase if they were just that bit more flavourful.

The Sea Salt & Vinegar flavour tasted and felt exactly like French Fries. These were crunchier than the other varieties and offered a lot more flavour. The Vinegar, like in French Fries, is quite strong and tastes quite sharp which can put people off and even start to burn over time. But if you don’t mind that sensation then these will be very enjoyable and arguably the most popular of the four flavours.

McCoy’s are arguably the master of ridged Crisps and it’s probably a surprise that it’s only the Smoky Bacon Ridged Pop Chips that tastes like a McCoy’s flavour. The difference between the two is that ridges on the Pop Chips are softer and these are also more flavourful than the Cheese & Onion flavour.

Spicy flavoured Crisps have always split the opinion and these Crazy Hot Ridged Pop Chips are not for the fainthearted. These probably sound like more of a dare than a flavour and they have that similar smell of spice. These are also probably only the flavour where the Crisps look ridged on both sides. There is a spicy tang to begin with and that grows over time to become very eye watering. Probably really nice if you like hot foods but it you can’t tolerate heat you really won’t like these.


Mature Cheddar & Onion: £1.79 (Tesco)

Sea Salt & Vinegar: £1.79 (Tesco)

Smoky Bacon: £1.79 (Tesco)

Crazy Hot: £1.79 (Tesco)


Mature Cheddar & Onion: 98 per 23g serving – 361 per sharing bag

Sea Salt & Vinegar: 97 per 23g serving – 359 per sharing bag.

Smoky Bacon: 99 per 23g serving – 365 per sharing bag

Crazy Hot: 97 per 23g serving – 359 per sharing bag

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Mature Cheddar & Onion: 2

Sea Salt & Vinegar: 3

Smoky Bacon: 3

Crazy Hot: 2


McCoy’s Thick Cut Crisps

Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share



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