McCain Gourmet Chips

REFRIGERATED Chips is a market that McCain are seriously looking into at the minute with their release of Shake Shake Fries and now their range of Gourmet Chips.

These Chips are said to be triple cooked and, like the Shake Shake Fries, they come with a sachet of flavouring to sprinkle on but these are to be put on after they have been cooked. These new Chips are available in Cornish Sea Salt and Parmesan, Rosemary & Parsley flavours.

They have the same texture as McCain Roasts which were one of the biggest successes of 2015, nice and crisp on the outside but quite fluffy on the inside. Whereas you shook the flavouring onto the Shake Shake Fries before cooking them, the Gourmet Chips have the flavouring sprinkled onto them after they come out of the oven. Unfortunately, the flavouring doesn’t stick onto the Chips like they did with the Fries which means that a lot of the flavouring is wasted and therefore rendered slightly pointless.

The Cornish Sea Salt flakes were a little big so just simply bounced off of the Chips and all over the tray. The Chips that do manage to hold onto the Salt do give quite a nice taste but it’s far too infrequent to be really enjoyable. The Parmesan, Rosemary & Parsley flavouring does have quite a gourmet sound to them but again the flavouring adds very little. It does give the Chips a powdery texture but there’s not really any Cheesy or Herb-like flavours to them which again is a bit of a disappointment.

As far as Chips go, these new Gourmet Chips are quite nice as they follow in the footsteps of their now famous Roasts but they don’t do enough to warrant being chosen ahead of a good sized bag of frozen Chips. There’s just about enough for two people to enjoy and really if you’re going to choose a new refrigerated Chip range, the Shake Shake Fries are arguably the better ones to go for.


Cornish Sea Salt: £2.50 (ASDA)

Parmesan, Rosemary & Parsley: £2.50 (ASDA)


Cornish Sea Salt: 206 per 100g (824 per tray)

Parmesan, Rosemary & Parsley: 236 per 100g (944 per tray)

Would We Buy Again:

Cornish Sea Salt: 2

Parmesan, Rosemary & Parsley: 2


McCain Shake Shake Fries

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