Kit Kat Bites

NESTLE have joined Cadbury and Mars in turning their Chocolate Bars into bite size chunks and now there’s a new way to take a break.

Perhaps the most likely Chocolate Bar to ‘snap’ into bite size chunks, these Kit Kat Bites, like any other similar products, aren’t about the taste as they’re so well known. These are more about quantity, calories and value for money but these Kit Kat Bites do have something most of the others don’t, a pretty cool looking advert where people have met up at a train station to play Brick Breaker with the bricks being the Kit Kat Bites.

Inside the bag there were 18 of these Bites which equates to nine fingers as they were roughly half the size of a standard finger. This means that there’s four and a half bars of Kit Kat in the one bag. The cheapest you can find these Kit Kat Bites is 50p but you can help yourself to an eight pack of Kit Kats for 75p which is 15p more for almost double the chocolate. So unless there was a vital reason to eat these Kit Kat Bites, it would make more financial sense to stick to the standard bars.

The calorie count doesn’t look good either. There’s supposed to be 121 calories per four Bites which equivalates to one bar. But one bar of Kit Kat only has 106 calories which makes the bars the ones to go for again. As mentioned before, these bite size pack are quite good for sharing or snacking on in front of the television. But for price and calories, it’s probably worth just sticking to an ordinary bar.

Price: 50p (ALDI)

Calories: 121 calories (per four Bites) – 544 per bag

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


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