Bernard Matthews Thai Green Chicken Pieces

A TASTE of Asia has come to the UK’s biggest exporter of Chicken.

Bernard Matthews’ refrigerated, ready to eat, Chicken Pieces have gone a touch of green. Not because they’ve gone mouldy but because they’ve been given one of Asia’s most popular recipes. Thai Green Curry has long become a favourite amongst many in various Asian restaurants and takeaways despite its quite spicy nature.

These Chicken pieces have a smell that’s worse than their bite as when you open the pack you can really smell the Thai Green flavouring. There is a slight kick but there’s nothing really spicy to them and they’re actually really quite juicy. These packs of Chicken are quite versatile with many having them on Sandwiches, in Salads or simply as a lunchtime snack and this new variety offers a different option and quite a nice one at that.

Price: £1 (Sainsbury’s)

Calories: 114 per 100g pack

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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