McCoy’s Chips

CRISPS and Chips can mean different things to different people and cultures and rarely are the two combined. But McCoy’s have tried to bridge the gap by bringing the taste of a Chip Shop to a Crisp.

McCoy’s Chips comes in two flavours; Chip Shop Sea Salted and Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar and have the standard McCoy’s ridges but are shaped to resemble Crinkle Cut Chips. They do taste quite authentic as Chippy Chips are renowned for their salty taste and the Chip Shop Sea Salted flavour is certainly the same. Some people may find the salty taste slightly overpowering which may hurt their popularity but if you are a fan of Chippy Chips and their saltiness you’ll really enjoy these crunchy Crisps.

The Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar flavour isn’t as strongly flavoured as McCoy’s original Salt & Malt Vinegar Crisps. This is perhaps a bit of a surprise given how strong the flavour usually is from the Chippy. Actually the lack of the bitter tang gives these Crisps a smoother taste that actually makes these quite moreish.

They are available in 125g sharing packs and are quite an inventive idea and a new shape to enjoy Crisps.


Chip Shop Sea Salted: 79p (ALDI)

Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar: 79p (ALDI)


Chip Shop Sea Salted: 151 per 30g serving. 629 (per bag)

Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar: 152 per 30g serving. 633 (per bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 

Chip Shop Sea Salted: 4

Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar: 4


McCoy’s Thick Cut Crisps

Pop Chips Ridges


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