Kingsmill Teacakes

WHEN you think of Teacakes, you think of a nice sticky glazed bun that’s been crisply toasted where the Butter easily melts and oozes with every bite. They go perfectly with a hot drink and the added crunch of a toasted Raisin before getting to its softer centre amidst the breaded surround just adds even more flavour and satisfaction.

So when one of the biggest Bread sellers decides to bring out their own version of Teacakes, there was quite a lot of anticipation which unfortunately just led to big disappointment. Kingsmill are renowned for their Bread and it seems that they are trying to branch out with more bakery products.

The initial disappointment came from the fact that these Teacakes had no glaze to them. There was no stickiness which ultimately meant there was no added sweet flavour that the glaze usually brings. When you hold them and when you cut them, it’s just like cutting into one of their standard Burger rolls which always feel a bit dry and somewhat leathery. They’re not the best Rolls in the world but they’re cheap and cheerful and do the job adequately for barbecues and things, however that is not what you want when selecting a Teacake.

They really didn’t toast very well and burned easily which, added to their already crumbly nature being soft Rolls, meant they fell apart easily. There was no taste of the added fruit either. With them falling apart and being quite crumby anyway, they also weren’t easy to spread Butter on and it didn’t melt it in the slightest which, overall, left these Teacakes as some of the most disappointing Teacakes ever tasted.

Price: 59p (ALDI) – pack of four

Calories: 195 per Teacake

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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