Levi Roots Carnival Flava

IT’S THAT time of year where lots of fireworks fly and carnivals cruise along the roads and into the night and Levi Roots have released a Carnival Flava to help you further enjoy this time of year.

It’s a Peach and Papaya flavoured fizzy drink that resembles Irn Bru and probably has a similar soda-like quality about it. Unlike other Jamaican inspired flavours, there’s no spice or burn and this is actually a really fruity drink. Despite being quite soda-like, this almost tastes like a juice it’s that fruity. It also makes this Drink quite smooth despite the soda texture which is something not many Drinks can do. It might not be the most popular due to the lack of coverage Levi Roots gets but people who do manage to try this will not be disappointed.

Price: 2 for £1 (Poundland)

Calories: 125 per 500ml bottle

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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Lucozade Zero


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