McCain Ridged Wedges

IT’S NOT just Santa who has been busy in recent times, McCain have also been working hard in releasing many different product lines and their latest comes in the form of frozen Ridged Potato Wedges. Being fatter than ordinary Chips, it’s quite to imagine Ridged Wedges as you need thinner and deeper sections to the foodstuff. But McCain have managed to make them ridged without reducing the thickness of their Wedges which is what many people like in comparison to Chips.

These new Ridged Wedges come in Nacho Cheese and Smoky Paprika flavours, so you’re also getting something other than plain Wedges. The problem with flavoured Wedges though is that you can only really flavour the skin and the skin to Potato ratio on a Wedge is more unequal than it would be on a Chip. So it’s hard to get enough flavouring to overpower the taste of Potato.

The Nacho Cheese Ridged Wedges taste slightly Cheesy but these are more akin to Potato Croquettes than Wedges. The only thing that makes these Wedges in comparison is their shape and the lack of a crumbly texture that you get from Potato Croquettes. As expected, the thicker the Wedges were the less flavour they had.

The Smoky Paprika Ridged Wedges have a really strong aroma to them but unfortunately that doesn’t transpire into taste. There’s a slight spice to these but apart from a little heat these also don’t taste too different to ordinary Wedges. These are a nice idea from McCain but it is a lot harder unless you’re covering the Wedges with something or filling them with something alongside the Potato to make a flavour stick as there’s a lot of Potato to compete with. The Ridges are perhaps more for aesthetic purposes than they are with Crisps because although the dips in the Ridges tend to have more flavour locked in, there’s no Potato to really overpower a Crisp when there is here. It’s an exciting time with McCain experimenting with flavouring Potato products as it could lead to quite a bit but for now, these Ridged Wedges probably aren’t as good as their Shake Shake Fries.


Nacho Cheese: 69p (ALDI & LIDL)

Smoky Paprika: 69p (ALDI & LIDL)


Nacho Cheese: 231 per 135g ‘serving’ – 513 per half a bag (1026 per 600g bag)

Smoky Paprika: 225 per 135g ‘serving’ – 500 per half a bag (1000 per 600g bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Nacho Cheese: 2

Smoky Paprika: 2


McCain Shake Shake Fries

McCain Gourmet Chips



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