Cadbury Pots of Joy – Limited Edition Dairy Milk Snowy Delight

WINTER is coming and Cadbury is one of the first companies to release a limited edition festive product.

The Pots of Joy production line has incorporated a new Snowy Delight chocolate pudding which mixes white chocolate and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate together in a pot.

As previously mentioned in other posts, the Pots of Joy creations are far too small and tend to be eaten after a couple of spoonfuls. This makes them slightly off-putting. But if you want a small treat then these are definitely a good option.

They are available in pots of two or four and certainly worth trying. The white chocolate part is on the top so it is up to you whether you would like to mix it all in or go layer by layer. The white chocolate actually tastes like a Cadbury’s Crème Egg which would suggest that Cadbury’s Easter treat is being recycled to form this Christmas edition. So if you like a good Crème Egg then you’ll definitely like this.

The pudding is quite thick as you would probably imagine and the milk chocolate part tastes the same as any other Cadbury’s pudding. The two parts do mix together quite nicely and the pudding is really good. But being the size that it is, it’s probably only worth having as a small treat or a small end to a big meal.

Price –  Four Pack – £1.00 (Tesco)

Calories – 156 per pot

Would We Buy Again (/5) – 2


Cadbury Pots of Joy – Creme Egg & Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Oat & Crunch



4 thoughts on “Cadbury Pots of Joy – Limited Edition Dairy Milk Snowy Delight

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