Shloer Mango & Passionfruit

TO PARAPHRASE a well known saying, a Shloer can be for everyday not just for Christmas and now there’s a new flavour to try in their Mango & Passionfruit flavour.

It’s arguably not as flavourful as other Shloer varieties and it probably tastes the most similar to Wine than other flavour. It has that dull yet sour taste to it like a Red Wine but the lack of flavour really comes from the fact that this has a lot of soda-like properties to it and that makes it slightly disappointing.

When you do get a slightly fruity taste it is quite nice and sharp and doesn’t just taste like J2O’s Mango & Passionfruit which was slightly expected. It’s not the most flavourful Shloer flavour unfortunately which is a shame as this is a different style of fruit to their usual flavours. But that could pave the way for Shloer to experiment with other fruity flavours to imitate other alcoholic drinks.

Price: £1.49 (Waitrose)

Calories: 42 per 100ml, 315 per bottle

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Shloer Apple & Blackberry Punch

J2O Spritz


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