Warburtons Toastie Pockets

WHEN it comes to thinking out of the box, Warburtons are definitely up there with reinventing classic bakery products and changing everyone’s way of thinking.

In the beginning there was the humble Sandwich but we wanted a bit more. We then decided to put fillings in between two pieces of Toast to make a Toasted Sandwich and then the fad of the Toastie Maker came to be. But as time went on we became tired of cleaning out the Toastie Maker and needed something easier. Up stepped the Toasted Sandwich bag which meant that we could pop the Sandwich in a bag and put it into the toaster.

However our laziness knows no bounds and we’ve become even more tired of trying to clean these bags out and this is where Warburtons come in. In 2015 Warburtons blew our minds with their Giant Crumpets and now they’ve done it again with these new Toastie Pockets. Available in packs of four, in either White or Brown Bread, these initially look like a couple of soft, floury Sandwich Thins moulded together which you prise apart from the top to reveal a Pita style pocket.

It does say on the packet no to use liquid fillings but we did use Cranberry Sauce to go with our Brie and it worked fine. The Pockets aren’t flimsy and come out quite crisp in the Toaster. Like the Toastie Bags, sometimes the Cheese doesn’t completely melt but it still makes a nice Cheese Toastie. The real beauty of these is that there really isn’t any mess which means there’s no fuss and you still get a really good Toastie.


White: 79p (ASDA)

Brown: 79p (ASDA)

Calories: (per Toastie minus filling)

White: 141

Brown: 134

Would We Buy Again (/5): 5


Warburtons Giant Crumpets

New York Bakery Co. – Poppy Seed Bagels



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