Maryland Cookie Bites

COVERING anything in Chocolate is usually seen as a good thing and Maryland have combined this with one the latest trends of creating smaller versions of their products and placing them into sharing snack bags.

This isn’t a completely new concept from Maryland though as Mini Marylands have been filling lunchboxes for years which means that these Cookie Bites are essentially Mini Marylands covered in Chocolate. There are two varieties to these Cookie Bites; Choc Chip and Choc Chip & Caramel.

Whereas normally the addition of Chocolate offers something extra to a product, the addition of Chocolate to the Choc Chip Bites actually takes something away. With the Cookies covered in Chocolate, you don’t get the change in texture between the crisp Cookie and soft Chocolate Chips and there’s also no real darkness that you normally get from the Chocolate Chips either. Disappointingly, these only really taste like any ordinary Chocolate Biscuit which are nice to snack on but doesn’t really give us anything new.

The Choc Chip & Caramel Cookie Bites do offer a sweeter but darker flavour but again without the distinct taste of Chocolate Chips. They don’t really taste any different to Caramel Digestive Nibbles so the choice between these two will either be down to price or simply brand name. The Cookie Bites are bigger than the Nibbles and are both nice to snack on.


Choc Chip: £1 (Tesco)

Choc Chip & Caramel: £1 (Tesco)


Choc Chip: 102 per 20g (five biscuits) 612 per bag

Choc Chip & Caramel: 103 per 20g (five biscuits) 618 per bag

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Choc Chip: 2

Choc Chip & Caramel: 3


Digestive Nibbles

Cadbury Snowy Fingers


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