Birdseye Inspirations – Basil Pesto Chicken Kievs

GOURMET is a word that a lot of Frozen companies have been throwing around recently to create a supposed higher standard of household meals and offer a twist on what you’re used to. Birdseye’s gourmet range is their Inspirations range and you sometimes wonder why certain things need the gourmet treatment.

One of their new products is the Basil Pesto Chicken Kievs. Available in packs of two, the only real thing that’s different here is the usual Garlic Butter that’s inside the Chicken Kiev has been replaced with this Basil Pesto sauce. Otherwise the Chicken is still nice, juicy and tender and the golden Breadcrumbs adds a nice crunch.

In terms of taste though, there’s not really much different between these and normal Chicken Kievs. The Basil Pesto offers a slightly herby flavour but it’s rather infrequent. As the sauce is usually in the middle and trickles out when you cut into it, you only really get a Chicken taste most of the time and when you do get a bit of Basil Pesto in with it, it’s not really that taste changing.

Price: £1 (Iceland)

Calories: 357 per Chicken Kiev

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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