Oreo Thins

ONE trend and buzzword that looks to be happening in 2017 is Thin. Sandwich Thins were arguably the first product to do this a couple of years ago, losing some of their make up whilst still maintaining their overall use and now Biscuits are beginning to do the same.

Oreo have stripped back their Biscuits and released two varieties of Oreo Thins. The cynics among us might view these as getting less Biscuit for your money and a way for these big companies to save a bit of money but others will argue these offer something different. There’s also an argument for these companies unveiling new flavours in this Thin form so that may get promoted to fully fledged products if popular enough, Oreo haven’t done so in this case however.

Oreo have been very specific with their Thins. Both the Original and Chocolate Creme flavours come in boxes of 16 split into two packs of eight Biscuits. The Original Oreo Thins don’t really offer anything different to their full sized counterparts and taste largely the same. In this instance you have to feel that you are just getting less product for your money with this smaller sized version. The dark taste of the Biscuits still overpower the taste of the Cream.

The Chocolate Creme flavour does oppose the dark flavour of the Biscuits. There’s not two differing tastes between the two but there is a more Chocolatey taste which makes them arguably the nicer of the two Thin varieties. Despite being Milk Chocolate, the Creme actually seems to add an even darker edge to the Oreo Thin. But again there’s not really any taste difference against the full sized Chocolate Creme Oreo.

Overall the Oreo Thins don’t really seem worth having ahead of full sized Oreos. They do look sleeker and per Biscuit the Thins are obviously less calorific. One full sized Oreo is 53 calories whereas a Thin is only 29 so that might be where you’re drawn to choose the Thins if you want a snack but are trying to keep the weight off. It’s just whether you would stick to just one or have more because you think they’re better for you.


Original Oreo Thins: £1.08 (Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco)

Chocolate Creme: £1.08 (Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco)


Original Oreo Thins: 29 per Biscuit

Chocolate Creme: 29 per Biscuit

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Original Oreo Thins: 2

Chocolate Creme: 2


Oreo – Golden & Peanut Butter

Oreo – Mint & Strawberry Cheesecake


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