Walkers United Snap & Share

THE CHAMPIONS League and Walkers have had a long and successful partnership over the years and their latest idea offers you the chance to win tickets to either the quarter finals, semi finals or final of the Champions League, PS4s, editions of Pro Evolution Soccer or a host of footballs.

The competition just requires you to buy a pack of the new Walkers United sharing packs and take a picture of your face and the bottom half of the face that’s on the pack before uploading it on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Following the success of Walkers’ Tear ‘n’ Share, Walkers have released these Walkers United sharing packs in four flavours and give you 25g more than the Tear ‘n’ Share packs. Other than that, there’s much to write home about as the Ready Salted, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar flavours are available in both varieties and you know exactly what you’re getting with Walkers Crisps.

But you can also get the Walkers United in a Prawn Cocktail flavour which means if you’re a fan of the tangy flavour then you’ll be really happy to now be able to get these crisps in a big sharing bag. As with a lot of new sharing packs, these come with a resealable strip should you need it.

Although these aren’t really anything new, being available in these new bigger sharing packs means that Walkers can now be at the heart of any party or sharing bowl and will be just as popular as any other Walkers product.


Ready Salted: 79p (ALDI & LIDL)

Cheese & Onion: 69p (LIDL)

Salt & Vinegar: £1 (Tesco & ASDA)

Prawn Cocktail: 75p (Morrisons & ALDI)


Ready Salted: 158 per 30g serving (921 per bag)

Cheese & Onion: 156 per 30g serving (910 per bag)

Salt & Vinegar: 156 per 30g serving (910 per bag)

Prawn Cocktail: 156 per 30g serving (910 per bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Ready Salted: 3

Cheese & Onion: 3

Salt & Vinegar: 3

Prawn Cocktail: 4


Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share

Walkers Stax


6 thoughts on “Walkers United Snap & Share

  1. I love football and walkers crisp. I would love to win the prizes so much because I relly like football and would like to have ps4 it would just be awesome to join in the fun on line with my friends. I will keep everything crossed if I could win this prize I have never won anything so hopefully it will be my lucky day . here’s hoping x


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