Optiwell Yogurt Drinks – Peach & Apricot and Strawberry & Raspberry

FOR FANS of healthy drinks like Actimel and Yakult, a new trend seems to be on its way that’s going to make you very excited. There’s now Yoghurt drinks available on the market with Arla using their new success of their Skyr brand to start producing some thick, calorific yet tasty drinks. So if you’ve ever yearned for a bigger of bottle Actimel or similar Drinks keep your eyes peeled.

Optiwell, owned by parent company FrieslandCampina who also own Yazoo, was created in 1998, under Optimel, and has become the biggest Yoghurt Drink over in Holland where it originates. On our shelves, we now have the two flavours of Yoghurt Drink that Optiwell have created; Peach & Apricot and Strawberry & Raspberry.

These Drinks are more designed for snacking on or meal replacement rather than a constant Drink source. But they are fat free with no added sugar so are a healthy drink. The Strawberry & Raspberry flavour tastes almost like a standard Actimel and doesn’t necessarily have a clear flavour but rather that lactic sourness you get from Drinks like Actimel.

The Peach & Apricot flavour is arguably the nicer of the two because there’s a clearer taste to it and it’s actually quite moreish. Most people have tried drinking a Yoghurt because they’ve forgotten the spoon and it is almost just like drinking a Peach & Apricot Yoghurt. It’s very fruity and you actually begin to wait for the bits of Fruit that you normally get in a Yoghurt to bit into, which could leave you a little disappointed.

The only problem at the moment for these is lack of advertising. There’s not really any of it and the Yoghurt Drink section is normally in the corner of the fridge aisles and can easily be missed. But if you do see it, definitely try it as you won’t be disappointed as this is a trend that could certainly catch on and has a lot potential with the variety of flavours that could end up on offer.


Peach & Apricot: £1.50 1L (ASDA)

Strawberry & Raspberry: £1.50 1L (ASDA)


Peach & Apricot: 64 per 200ml (320 per 1L carton)

Strawberry & Raspberry: 64 per 200ml (320 per 1L carton)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Peach & Apricot: 4

Strawberry & Raspberry: 3


Moo Milk – Vanilla

Muller Light – Blackcurrant & Liquorice



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