Young’s Chip Shop Special Orders – Chicken Breast Strips

ONE OF the biggest exporters of frozen Fish is swapping the sea for the shore and trying their hand at Chicken. Young’s is definitely up there as one of the most prestigious Fish companies but their latest range, Chip Shop Special Orders, is aimed at the less common option from the Fish & Chip Shop, Chicken Strips.

Available in a pack of eight, these Chicken Strips are made in a crisp batter and uses only 100% Chicken Breast. Obviously, there’s nothing really different to these than any other Chicken Strips/Chicken Goujons as it is just pure Chicken. They’re juicy and tender with a good portion of solid Meat but you are really only going buy this for the Young’s brand . Eight isn’t really enough for a family to enjoy as they aren’t the most filling even with Chips or something else so this might be a good option for singles or couples that want a quick and easy meal.

Price: 72p (ASDA)

Calories: 88 per strip (355 per four/ 710 per box)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


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