Kinder Bueno Dark

IN THE beginning there was a Milk Chocolate bar that covered a crisp wafer and a soft Hazelnut filling that swept the nation and became one of the most moreish Chocolate bars around, luckily they came in packs of two. Then the Kinder Bueno went white and added an even creamier taste to it.

Now Kinder Bueno has completed the set by releasing a Dark Chocolate variety and it is just as moreish as its predecessors. For those you of who don’t like Dark Chocolate, there’s not really a dark taste to it as the creaminess from the Hazelnut somewhat neutralises it, so don’t be put off from trying it.

It actually tastes like a Ferrero Rocher, even though they are Milk Chocolate, and really the make-up is rather similar. Instead of the small chunks of Hazelnut that you get with a Ferrero Rocher, Bueno has it in a creamy liquid fashion but both have that wafer to give it a nice crisp edge. After doing a slight bit of research it’s remarkable to note that the Dark Kinder Bueno might taste like a Ferrero Rocher because they are owned by the same company at Ferrero. So it could be a recycled recipe turned into something different and if you like Ferrero Rocher then you are definitely going like the Dark Kinder Bueno and you’ll understand why both are so moreish.

Price: 60p (Tesco)

Calories: 121 per bar (242 per pack of two)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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