McVitie’s Digestive Thins

AFTER America’s most iconic Biscuit/Cookie took the Thin route, in what is looking to be one of the trends of the year, it was perhaps only fitting that the UK’s most iconic Biscuit followed down this path. McVitie’s have taken their Digestives and, like Oreo, have shaved the Biscuit into a flat, thin snack.

Oreo didn’t really experiment with any new flavours in their Thin form and McVitie’s have largely done the same with their Milk Chocolate Digestive Thins and Dark Chocolate Digestive Thins. With these, the taste is largely the same and you know what flavour you’re going to get from them. But whereas Oreo have downsized the whole Biscuit resulting in the Creme becoming rather overpowered by the darker Cookies, McVitie’s have only reduced the size of the Biscuit which means the Chocolate layer on the top remains as prevalent as it would on a proper Digestive.

But McVitie’s have also released a new flavour that isn’t available as a proper Digestive yet. These are the Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Digestive Thins and they do have quite a caffeinated aroma. They do also offer a slightly more bitter taste than the other Digestive Thins so if you don’t really like the taste of Coffee, you probably won’t like these.

Like the Oreo Thins, these have been designed as a healthier alternative to ‘full fat’ Digestives. But again this will only work if you don’t end up having more thinking you can because they’re thinner. The only other real positive to these is that they fit into a mug better meaning that they are easier to dunk into your cup of tea. However in a contest between Digestive Thins and proper Digestives, there’s only one winner and it’s not the Thins.


Milk Chocolate: £1 (ASDA)

Dark Chocolate: £1 (ASDA)

Milk Chocolate Cappuccino: £1 (ASDA)


Milk Chocolate: 31 per Biscuit

Dark Chocolate: 31 per Biscuit

Milk Chocolate Cappuccino: 31 per Biscuit

Would We Buy Again (/5):

Milk Chocolate: 2

Dark Chocolate: 2

Milk Chocolate Cappuccino: 3


Oreo Thins

McVitie’s Trio



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