Sizzling Autumn/Winter Menu 2016/2017 – (with Gallery)

AS WELL as Hungry Horse, Sizzling have been one of the busiest chains this season, making a lot of wholesale changes to their menu. There’s a whole host of new dishes so, financially, it will be difficult to get through them all but we will try our best. It isn’t helped by the fact that Sizzling still don’t put on the menu which meals are new but luckily we had a download of their last menu so we could compare the two and come up with a list of the new dishes. All pictures are taken from The Old Manor Inn in Weston-Super-Mare.


vegetarian-sharing-plattercheese-burnt-end-chilli-loaded-potato-skinsSizzling’s Mexican inspired sections have all been taken off the menu so you can no longer try the Tostadas. Dishes like Corn Dogs & Jalapeno Bottle Caps, Beef Chilli and Ribs & Wings have also been taken off the menu. The Tomato & Herb Soup is now the Tomato & Basil Soup and the Spicy Shrimp are now Spicy Prawns. Share Your Veg was a sharing starter that was introduced last season and it probably wasn’t the most appetising name for it. That’s now become the Vegetarian Sharing Platter and the Nachos, Mushrooms, Garlic Bread and Onion Rings all remain. As with the other starters, the Jalapeno Bottle Caps are no more and have been replaced by Vegetable Samosas. There’s also no more BBQ Beans but the platter does come with Blue Cheese, BBQ and Sweet Chilli Dips. Price: £8.49.

There is one new Mexican inspired dish on the Starters menu though and that’s their new House-Fried Corn Nachos to Share. It’s basically the same as their normal Nachos, just on a bigger scale. These nicely sized Nachos are topped with all the usual bits; Cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa and Jalapenos. They were a bit stingy with the Cheese though. For an extra £1.50 you can add BBQ Pulled Pork or for an extra £2 you can add Burnt End and Minced Beef Chilli. But they are perfectly fine on their own. Price: £5.49.sharing-nachos

One of Sizzling’s most popular starters is their Loaded Potato Skins and there’s a new topping to try out; Cheese & Burnt End and Minced Beef Chilli. Accompanied with Sour Cream to help cool these hot Potato Skins down, they’re pretty loaded and full of flavour once you’ve got past them burning your mouth. The Cheese adds a stringy texture to the saucy Chilli. These are probably better shared as four of these will be really filling but they are definitely worth a try. Price: £5.49.


The Mexican Cantina has also been taken away with the Loaded Chicken Fillet being taken and turned into two different dishes. There’s also no Beef Chilli or Calzone on the sizzling-porkermenu anymore. Sizzling have spit their menu up into a few more categories than before and one of these is the Ultimates which used to be called the Ultimate Eats category. This is where you’ll find the bigger meals and also the platters that are great for sharing or mix and matching. There’s a couple of dishes that have been given a new name. The Complete Porker is now the Sizzling Porker and it’s virtually the same with Gammon, half a rack of BBQ Ribs, two Sausages and BBQ Pulled Pork with BBQ Gravy and Chips. There’s also Onion Rings, Peas and a Mushroom. But the Complete Porker did have Corn Dogs on it which the Sizzling Porker didn’t have and that’s why the Sizzling Porker is 50p cheaper. Price: £11.99.

The Chick, Chick Chicken has also become Chick-Tastic which is a much snappier title for chick-tasticthe dish. Again the Southern Fried Chicken Fillet along with the BBQ Gravy and Chips are the same. There’s still half a Roast Chicken but this time it’s a BBQ Half Roast Chicken which arguably gives it more flavour and instead of the Grilled Chicken Fillet there’s now a Lemon Peri-Peri Chicken Skewer which again offers something different with a bit more flavour. The biggest difference to this dish though, as well as the addition of Onion Rings and Corn on the Cob, is the fact it comes served on a skillet of Onions to add a bit smoke and sizzle to your meal. Price: £9.99.

gammon-tasticAs well as Chick-Tastic, there’s now Gammon-Tastic for those who prefer their Pork to Chicken. There’s 14oz of Gammon to enjoy, topped with Eggs and Pineapple Rings. There’s also a proper grill feeling to this meal with the accompaniment of a Tomato, Peas and a Mushroom as well as these new seasoned Chips and Onion Rings. Gammon has always been a popular choice at the pub and this super-sized Gammon dish will only further that popularity. Price: £8.79.

With Hungry Horse taking their ultimate-catchOceans Aplenty off the menu, there’s room for a chain to incorporate a Fish platter onto their menu. Sizzling have done just that with their addition of the Ultimate Catch. It’s probably not as big as Hungry Horse’s as there’s only a Cod Fillet, six pieces of Scampi and Crackerjack Prawns but it’s a definitely a must have for Fish fans. There’s Chips Peas, Coleslaw and Onion Rings on the side to complete this Fishy dish. Price: £9.79.

all-day-breakfastAnother popular dish that’s been added to the menu is the All Day Breakfast. These always vary between restaurants but always leave the majority of people satisfied. Sizzling’s All Day Breakfast consists of Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, Baked Beans, a Tomato, a Mushroom and Chips with some Bread and Butter. There is a Vegetarian option available and the only thing that this dish is missing is probably Hash Browns. Price: £7.49.

Chicken Burgers are always a standard alternative Beef and Sizzling have added a BBQ Chicken bbq-chicken-burgerBurger alongside their Southern Fried Chicken Burger. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a BBQ Chicken Burger; a grilled Chicken fillet smothered in BBQ Sauce, once you pour the accompanying sauce over it, with Cheese and Bacon. There’s also the usual pieces of Salad inside the Bun and to finish the meal off, there’s also Onion Rings on top of the Chicken. It’s not breaking any new ground but it’s always a popular Burger dish and this will be no different. Price: £7.19.

grilled-halloumi-fajitasFajitas are also normally a very popular Chicken dish. But Sizzling have been looking to include some more Vegetarian and Vegan dishes onto the menu and they’ve now released a Vegetarian option to their Fajitas. Halloumi is definitely the trending Cheese at the moment and Sizzling’s Grilled Halloumi Sizzling Fajitas offer something different. The Grilled Halloumi, along with Peppers and Onions, are served on a skillet with your wraps and other accompaniments on another plates. You can never have too much Cheese and alongside the Halloumi, Salsa, Sour Cream, Guacamole and Jalapenos, there’s also another pot of Grated Cheese to load up your Fajita. The squeaky texture of the Halloumi arguably mimics the texture of Chicken and that’s what probably makes this a good alternative for the Vegetarians that like a bit of Mexican. Price: £8.29.

Continuing with the Mexican theme, there’s also a new Mexican Madness for you to try. It’s essentially all the trimmings that you’d expect from a Mexican dish but without a floured Tortilla or Taco Shell. It’s served on a skillet with pieces of Chicken smothered in Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream, and Monterrey Jack Cheese. The skillet is completed Peppers and Onions with a side bowl or Basmati Rice. There’s also Tortilla Chips within the food but as they are on a skillet they just become really soft and a little flavourless which is really disappointing. Despite coming with all of the condiments fits for any Mexican meal, it’s not really that flavourful. There’s not a lot of Chicken or Cheese which adds to the disappointment and the Rice makes the meal a little dry. The name is intriguing and could have a lot of promise but it just looks like they’ve decided to throw anything deemed Mexican together to come up with a colourful yet disappointing dish. Price: £7.29.

A better skillet is definitely the Marmalade Gammon Hock. Sizzling have tried to go a bit gourmet by serving the Gammon still on the bone and it is definitely a nice twist to your usual pub favourite. The Marmalade glazed Gammon sits atop a bed of Onions and is accompanied with half a Tomato and a bowl of Chips. There’s also some Marmalade Gravy to pour over the Gammon should you wish. The Gravy is actually really tangy which wasn’t expected as it still looked like normal Gravy with its normal brown colour. It was slightly thicker than normal pub Gravy too and there was enough to cover the Gammon. The Gammon itself was really tender and flavourful. It’s definitely a good mixture of the old fashioned pub favourite Gammon and Chips and a Gammon Roast with the Gravy. Some of the Onions get stuck and burnt to the skillet which is the only disappointment to the dish. But overall this is a really good twist to a classic. Price: £7.99.

Surf & Turf seemed to be one of those old classics that was vanishing off the menus. But some restaurants are beginning the reinstate them and Sizzling are one of these. For £7.99 you can get a Surf & Turf on yet another skillet with Steak and Scampi sitting on that bed of Onions. The 5oz Rump and six pieces of Scampi are accompanied with a Mushroom, Tomato and Chips. For an extra £2.30, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Surf & Turf which will double the size of your Steak and add three extra pieces of Scampi to your plate. The Ultimate Surf & Turf also comes with Peas and the Onions have become Onion Rings. The Ultimate Surf & Turf is also plated and isn’t served on a skillet. It always seemed to be a popular dish, if not one of the more expensive, so for restaurants to be taking it off of their menus was always bewildering. A lot of people will be glad to see its return and Sizzling’s attempt is very much worth trying. Price: £10.29.

If you’ve been taken in by all of the latest American crazes then the new All American Platter might be the dish for you. Again a lot of restaurants seem to creating their own American inspired platters and Sizzling’s is probably the least creative or adventurous. It’s a combination of BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken Wings and Southern Fried Chicken which is basically two ingredients usually found on a house sharing combo with some Ribs added as well. There’s the seasoned Chips, Corn on the Cob, Onion Rings and Coleslaw to go with the platter and although it was a nice dish it’s a little disappointing on size and experience. Price: £9.79.

For the Vegans out there, Sizzling have a couple of new dishes designed specifically for you. Indian dishes seem to be a good go to dish for restaurants looking to cater for more and more dietary requirements. Sizzling have gone for a Sweet Potato, Lentil & Spinach Dhansak and for an extra £1.50 you can add Naan Bread, a Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhaji and
Spinach Pakora. This mild Curry comes with Basmati Rice, Poppadoms and Mango Chutney to add colouring and flavour to the dish. Without any meat, the dish doesn’t have any changes in texture from the liquefied Curry. There’s nothing to chew on as the Sweet Potato pieces fall apart in the mouth and there’s not really enough flavour to make you want to finish the dish off. The Lentils give off a bit of heat at times but it’s nothing overpowering and actually serves to offer the Curry something Price: £6.49.

The other obvious Vegan dish would be a salad and although a Superfood Salad might not get the tastebuds tingling, this dish is actually really filling and really nice. For an extra £1.50 you could add Chicken & Bacon, £2 gets you some Grilled Halloumi which would keep the dish Vegetarian, or £3 extra gets you some Salmon added to the Salad. The Salad is a mixture of Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber and Red Pepper and is topped with a mix of Bulgur Wheat, Chickpeas, Courgette and Sultanas. There’s also a hint of mint and a reduced calorie dressing. The dressing is actually really flavourful without being too tangy with a sour aftertaste that Vinaigrette often is. There’s a lot of colours going on and the added Bulgur Wheat is high in Magnesium which is good for your immune system amongst other things. We had the Chicken and Bacon option which meant we also had Protein and probably helped to make this dish even more filling. Out of the two Vegan options though, this Superfood Salad was the more impressive and would be the one to likely have again. Price: £5.29.


For those with a sweet tooth the best way you can finish your meal off is with the new Millionaire’s Shortbread Sundae. Not only do you get the standard Cadbury’s Flake atop of this Sundae you also get a full Shortbread finger to give you a taste of that Biscuity, sugary heaven. Other than that it doesn’t particularly break the mould for a Sundae. There’s Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate pieces which are drizzled in Toffee Sauce. It’s a very sweet treat and definitely one for the Sundae enthusiasts. Price: £3.89.

Sizzling have also jumped on the bandwagon with a twist on a Dessert favourite; Salted Caramel Profiteroles. You get six of these Chocolate covered cream balls surrounding a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream that’s hidden by a heap of Cream and Chocolate Pieces. Again this is drizzled in Toffee Sauce but also Belgian Chocolate Sauce. It’s the not the saltiest Salted Caramel which will please or disappoint you depending on your view of the stuff. But it does leave a sweet taste and will continue to be a favourite. It’s also quite nicely sized without being too sickly or leaving you wanting more. Price: £3.79.



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