Doritos Heat Burst

IF YOU play with fire, you’re going to get burnt and Doritos are no strangers to stinging our tongues.

Some find their ordinary Chilli Heatwave Crisps a little too overpowering after a while and then Doritos thought they’d play a game with us with their Roulette Crisps that caused tears and possibly even a few tantrums. Now Doritos have raided their Chilli cupboard once more with their latest product; Doritos Heat Burst. Available in BBQ and Chipotle Cream flavours, these Crisps take an ingenious step in the realm of food science, offering a calm pleasant taste initially before stinging you on the way down. The only real downside to these is the bags are only two thirds full so there’s a lot of air in them.

The two even burn you in differing ways. The Chipotle Cream flavour is slightly warm to begin with as it is essentially a smoked Jalapeno and around twice the hotness on the Scoville scale. But the creamy side to it does make it a slightly sourer tang rather than heat, which isn’t too bad. The heat from the added Chilli after burn really hits the back of the throat which causes you to cough if you’re not ready for it or aren’t a fan of it. As for the BBQ flavour, it initially tastes like ordinary BBQ Rib Doritos which are quite pleasant and not really tangy. But the added Chilli after burn here actually reacts more with the tongue which causes the mouth to be on fire and makes the eyes water whereas the Chipotle burn doesn’t.

Perhaps the most pleasant thing about these Crisps, unless you quite like the heat of course, is their advertising campaign. They’ve likened these Crisps to having a baby Dragon; something quite cute and sweet at first but then it becomes rather a fiery problem. Here’s the video if you haven’t met the baby Dragon yet:

Fans of heat will probably quite enjoy these or people daring each other to have as many as they can in one go. But really it’s likely a lot of people will probably be put off by these. The one really interesting thing about these though is the science behind the Crisps and being able to make something have two different tastes at different times. It makes you wonder how far this science can go and with what other foodstuffs could experiment with the same ideology.


BBQ & Chilli: 69p (LIDL)

Chipotle Cream & Chilli: 62p (ALDI)


BBQ & Chilli: 149 per 30g serving (804.6 per bag)

Chipotle Cream & Chilli: 149 per 30g serving (804.6 per bag)

Would We Buy Again (/5):

BBQ & Chilli: 1

Chipotle Cream & Chilli: 1


Doritos Ultimate Cheeseburger & Sizzling Salsa

Doritos Roulette



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