Eat:Weston Festival 2017 (with Gallery)

THE FIRST Eat:Weston festival hit the high street on Saturday, April 8, filling the town with various food and drink stalls to entice people of all tastes to look around and sample some of the finest foods that Weston, Somerset and the surrounding areas have to offer. The festival was akin to the yearly Weston Super Food Festival but with the Winter Gardens out of commission and the Tropicana playing host to Funland, the high street had to be the willing host. But this was a conscious decision taken by the organisers in a bid to get the festival-goers to rekindle their love for the high street. The only real difference is that the Eat:Weston festival was only a day event and not the weekend spectacle that the Weston Super Food Festival tends to be.

This event was also not-for-profit, created by friends Beverley and Sarah, and all of the volunteers did a fantastic job to make it a real success. The weather was also stunning which would have only helped getting more feet, eyes and tastebuds to all of the stands. Again it was largely a similar set up to the Weston Super Food Festival, there were demos from father and son Nigel and Pat Smith in the building opposite the Playhouse and the food court inside the Sovereign Centre housed the Growing Together project which aims to give tips on how to grow your own food at home.

As well as all of the food stalls, the Avon Wildlife Trust were present as were the Fruit and Veg market stalls and a stall of wooden furniture. There were a lot of familiar faces like Hullabaloos, Glastonbury Dairy Cheeses and Crumpet who have also attended the Weston Super Food Festivals as well as local bakeries Hill’s and Winnie’s. But there were a few new faces like Tom’s Toasties where you could get a Wyke Farms Cheese Toastie and Stefano’s Homemade Food where you get a really nice Beef Wrap filled with the salad of your choice.

It was a really nice afternoon out but don’t take our word for it, let our gallery below show you what you missed out on. If you are interested in going to another Eat Festival, there’s going to be one in Burnham-on-Sea on May 27 and October 21, one in Wellington on September 2 and one in Taunton on May 12 and 13.

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