Hungry Horse Spring Menu 2017 (With Pictures)

THE DAYS have been getting longer and the sun has been shining and it was no surprise that as soon as the clocks went forward, the chained restaurants all began to release their Spring menus. The first to do this was Hungry Horse and there seems to be trend across most of the chains to incorporate more Burgers to the menu as well as a potential Brexit inspired celebration of British Classics with a twist on a lot of these menus too. All pictures taken, unless otherwise stated, were from The Super Mare in Weston-Super-Mare and, as usual, this post will be updated with the more we that try of the menu.


One of Hungry Horse’s new starters combines two classic favourites and brings them together to create a nice, almost gourmet, starter in Creamy Garlic Mushrooms. You get your usual Mushroom starter dish but these Garlic Mushrooms sit on top of a slice of Garlic Ciabatta. The dish is drizzled in Garlic Sauce to add more flavour and a softer texture and it just works really well. It’s a new way to enjoy two classic starters and now you can have both Mushrooms and Garlic Bread without having to choose. Price: £4.99.

Another of the new starters is already an extremely popular choice in other restaurants, especially ‘house’ Greene King establishments. You can now get a Mini Camembert at Hungry Horses and this will please a lot of people. The soft, melted French cheese is served oozing and accompanied with some really sweet Red Onion Chutney and crusty Ciabatta bread. It’s not a new concept or even a twist on the classic dish, it is just the classic dish and a very satisfying starter. Price: £4.99


You can now have Chick ‘n’ Mix at Hungry Horse. This was once a great idea at Fayre & Square and now that Greene King have acquired them, they’ve incorporated the idea into Hungry Horse menus. It means you can have a Chicken dish in a way that you prefer with a sauce of your choice with any two sides that you desire.

There’s also been a real conscious effort to bring in some new Burger ideas. For instance, the new Black and Blue Burger has Stilton and Peppercorn Sauce oozing out of it. The name isn’t necessarily a new concept with the black coming from the Burger or seasoning and the blue coming from a Blue Cheese. There isn’t Blue Cheese in this Burger but there is blackened seasoning on this Mushroom topped Burger. The Stilton and Peppercorn Sauce gives a mature taste to it and the Peppercorns offer a bit of a burn. It’s this Sauce that is the new concept and it works quite well if you don’t mind a slight burn from the Peppercorns. The dish is completed with both BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw as well as the usual accompaniment of Chips. Price: £8.29.

The Pit Burger has a real American sound to it and it comes with two real delicacies made famous from across the pond. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger became a bit of a favourite last season and Hungry Horse have trumped that by adding another big trend, Pulled Pork, onto the Burger alongside Bacon. It’s a very meaty yet juicy Burger and a must try if you enjoy the American barbecue styled food. Again this comes with more BBQ Sauce and a helping of Chips, or should that Fries. Price: £9.49.

As well as Hungry Horse’s new menu, they’ve also released a limited edition Best of British Menu highlighting some of the best dishes this country has to offer and giving them a slight twist. The All Day Breakfast is certainly a phenomenon here and more and more eateries are offering this on the menu. But Hungry Horse, who already have an All Day Breakfast on the menu, have put all of the breakfast items into a Burger for you to enjoy. This towering Burger consists of Sausages, Bacon, Eggs and Hash Browns and, if this is to happen to you like it did us, you could have a Chicken Burger if they have ran out of the Beef variety. There’s the usual accompaniments of BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw and Chips but perhaps the only thing this dish is missing is a Mushroom or a side of Baked Beans. Price: £8.99.
Our love of Fish & Chips went into overdrive when Hungry Horse released their Ocean’s Aplenty platter a few menus ago and it was a real shame when they took it back off of the menu last season. But it’s back again but under a new name. The Seaside Platter is largely the same as the Ocean’s Aplenty; consisting of crispy Prawns, Calamari Rings, Scampi and Cod Goujons. You can’t have the Fish without the Chips or the Garden/Mushy Peas, wedge of Lemon and Tartare Sauce. It should be just as popular as the Ocean’s Aplenty was and it’s quite a filling dish. Price: £9.49.


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