Pepsi Max Ginger

SOMETIMES rules are meant to be broken. As it says in our bio, we only review things that say new or limited edition on the packaging or the cardboard it sits in on the shelves. But we’ve broken that here with the new Pepsi Max Ginger.

It’s not often a big fizzy drinks company brings out a new flavour and this combination actually works really well. The Ginger inclusion tastes more like Ginger Ale with more of a tang and soda-like feel than the slight burn you get with Ginger Beer, and Canada Dry has long been a mixer for many people before now.

Ginger Beer can be a too spiky for some and this won’t be enjoyable for them. But if you do like it, this is really easy to drink and could soon be a favourite in the Cola industry.

Price: 2L Bottle – £1.27 (Morrisons)

Eight-Pack Cans: £2.25 (ASDA)

Calories: 1 per 330ml can – 0.4 per 100ml

Would We Buy Again (/5): 5


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