Yummies, Oldmixon (Gallery)

THERE’S a new takeaway on the Oldmixon, Weston-Super-Mare, called Yummies. Situated on Loxton Road on the same site as Spar and popular chippy Andy’s Plaice, Yummies offers the usual range of takeaway products from Burgers, Kebabs, Pizzas and various Chip dishes.

They offer free delivery to anyone in a three mile radius and are on Just Eat, although they’re called Yummys on there which was slightly unnerving as it doesn’t look very professional to have these inconsistencies. They recently posted flyers to many houses in the area and again a few grammatical errors didn’t fill us with confidence.

But the proof is in the eating not the writing and Yummies will be a good addition to the various options Weston has. It’s not necessarily better than the really good ones that already exist here but it is definitely up there alongside them. Being located near Weston College’s University Campus, it will undoubtedly go down extremely well with the students and give Andy’s Plaice, who has held the monopoly in the Oldmixon, some competition. Although primarily the two sell very different things, Chip and Burger dishes will be hotly contested between the two, but really it just gives people another option in the immediate area.

The shop looked to be pretty clean upon visiting and their delivery was also pretty good, just below the time stated on Just Eat. One of the big plusses was a nine inch Pizza for a fiver. The range is pretty good with a couple of unique ideas and the toppings all tasted good on that type of base that has a similar texture to a Yorkshire Pudding. The Chicken Kebab was some really big pieces of Chicken and you can get the usual Salad and Sauces to go with it. Like many other of these takeaway places, they do an Hawaiian Burger which is your typical Cheeseburger topped with Pineapple to add a different type of flavour that actually works really well. As well as the usual Cheesy Chips and Chips in Pita, Yummies also offer Cheesy Curly Fries which is a bit different but the Curly Fries weren’t really crispy which made them taste a bit stodgy. The Chips in Pita were largely on top of the Pita which meant by the time you got to the Pita there wasn’t really enough Chips left and without any sauce, made it rather flavourless unfortunately. The Salad that comes with most of the dishes tasted fresh and was crisp.

One of the more popular fast food fixes that has arisen from places like Special Pizza Choices and the like is the Wrap. With choices of Cheesy Chips Wraps, Cheesy Chips and Chicken Wraps, Cheesy Chips and Beans Wrap, amongst others, these hearty dishes are quite sizeable and are probably good value for money. Yummies do very good wraps and overall are a nice new option to have in the area. See below for our gallery of food and the menus:

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