Hobb’s Boat (Whitbread Inns/Table Table) Spring Menu 2017 – With Pictures

AS the longest day has come and gone, it really shows how lax we have been in trying these new Spring menus, some of which have come and gone and turned into Summer menus. Hobbs Boat, Whitbread Inns, in Lympsham just outside Weston-Super-Mare did have the same Best of British limited edition menu as Beefeater as both are owned by Whitbread but went in June to make way for their limited edition Summer menu. Luckily for us their core menu has stayed the same thus far which means we can still post our review of the ‘Spring’ menu:


One of the more unusual dishes that you don’t expect to work as a savoury dish came in the form of the Cheshire Cheese and Bramley Apple Tart. Topped with Rocket, the Tart quite clearly has two sections to it, a yellow outer circle with a darker, browner, centre which obviously highlights which bit is the Cheese and which is the Apple. The Tart itself was quite crisp with the fluffier fillings inside. Separately, the sections of the Tart have the very differing sweet and savoury tastes but together they actually work really well. There does seem to be a trend at the minute of mixing sweet and savoury but more often than not it seems to be successful and make the palate work overtime. This is another success and is nicely sized, if you don’t have room for dessert afterwards you can always say you had something akin to an Apple Crumble for starters. Price: £5.49.

Something a bit more familiar, and cheaper, for those who may be aren’t too adventurous especially when spending a decent amount of money on it, a Soup dish is always a fairly safe bet for a starter. They have now introduced a Soup of the Day and when we went, it was Mushroom Soup. Obviously each day will have a Soup that will suit different tastes but the Mushroom Soup was again a fairly nice starter at a good size. It’s served with Bread and Butter. Price: £3.99.


Hobbs Boat have taken the old Beef Wellington and turned it into a fancier sounding Hog Roast Wellington, which of course also brings about a change in animal. This now accompanies the Salmon Wellington that was introduced a few menus ago and again the twist works and offers something different. Encased in flaky but crisp pastry, the Wellington consists of Pulled Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing with Bramley Apple and is served with trendy Kale, buttered Potatoes, Bacon and a Mushroom Sauce. Without having BBQ Sauce accompanying the Pulled Pork, you feel the texture a lot more and it actually feels thicker. You again get that sweet meets savoury taste with the hint of Bramley Apple mixing with the stuffing, but you can’t often have a Hog Roast Roll or a Pork Roast without Apple Sauce so the taste isn’t really that different. It’s quite a hearty meal with the Buttered Potatoes seen as a healthier alternative to Chips. The Kale doesn’t really add much to the taste but again it’s a healthy choice, it does however work quite well with the Bacon as a side Salad option. Price: £12.49.

For the Vegetarians there’s the new Vegetable Filo Parcel. Encased in the less flaky form of Pastry, sits grilled Courgette, Red Pepper, Peas, Red Onion, Butter Beans and Spring Onions with a creamy sauce. The parcel then sits on a bed of Ratatouille which offers a differing texture to oppose and soften up the solid Vegetables and gives the parcel more flavour. It might not be the most popular of dishes and probably won’t be the most eye-catching for meat eaters to really want to try it but it’s nice enough and will work as a healthier option. Price: £9.99.


One of the Best of British desserts was the Gin and Tonic Lemon Trifle and according their website, it is still available to have. With Hobbs Boat not quite being a Table Table franchise, not everything available on the Beefeater or other Table Table Best of British menus was available at Hobbs Boat, the Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream for instance, and most of the ones that were, were on the specials board, which is why this particular dish might be sticking around. It is quite a boozy dessert so if you don’t like the alcoholic burn from Gin then this might be overpowering. It is a nice twist on the classical dessert and you do still get the sharpness from the Lemon it’s just matched with the alcohol. There’s also a

nice layer of Cream on top of the Lemon Curd style middle which sits on the Gin soaked Sponge. It’s finished off with Chocolate pieces. Price: £4.99.

Again, in opposition to a dessert with a twist, there’s also a more classic option and in this case it’s a Treacle Tart. There’s not really anything to write home about with this one as it tastes pretty much the same as any other Treacle Tart, a nice sweet feeling with the moreish taste of Treacle. It’s finished off with some Clotted Cream. Price: £5.49.


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