McCoys Chips – Chip Shop Curry Sauce

FOLLOWING the success of McCoy’s Chips, a third Chip Shop classic flavour quickly arrived onto the shelves and should prove to be as popular as the previous two.

Chip Shop Curry Sauce is the latest flavour and if that’s one of your favourite accompaniments to your Fish and Chips then you will undoubtedly enjoy these. They do smell of Curry Sauce and the slight powdery burn that follows is reminiscent to the old Pizza Pringles that you used to get. They aren’t as salty as the previous flavours which was slightly overpowering at times but your tongue does tingle after a while.

This is a brand that McCoy’s have worked quite hard on and it really is a different concept for Crisps that merges the snack with beloved flavours that everyone has a fond taste memory of. There’s more scope that could come from these too, especially if they continue to prove popular.

Price: 125g pack: 95p (ASDA), 6x25g pack: £1 (Morrisons)

Calories: 151 per 30g serving (125 per 25g pack)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 5


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