Pringles – Sweet Chilli

IT’S a flavour that certainly divides the opinion but has seemed to grow in popularity amongst restaurants and food products nonetheless. It’s also a flavour that can have a real array of tastes which can leave some people more hesitant about trying new foods with this flavour included. Sweet Chilli now seems to be being served with every meal and the oxymoronic sounding sauce/dip can be anything from the really mild and tangy to the still really hot and burn the mouth but with a slight twang to make it less hot perhaps than standard Chilli.

The latest brand to utilise this flavour are Pringles with one of their newest releases. As with most heat deriving Pringles flavours, they tend to attack the tongue and the mouth with the more you have. The first few are really quite enjoyable and tangy with a slight burn but as the few become a handful or half a tube or so on, the less flavour you get and the more burn you are met with.

If you like Sweet Chilli or don’t mind the heat then these will probably go just as quickly as any other can of Pringles but if you’re a bit more sensitive then these Pringles are on the tangy side of the Sweet Chilli spectrum and will probably be enjoyed in moderation rather than handfuls at a time.

Price: £1.25 (Iceland)

Calories: 152 per 30g (506 per 100g, 1012 per tube)

Would We Buy Again (/5): 3


Pringles – Brazilian Salsa & Spicy Chilli Samba

Pringles – Pizza Flavour


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