Hungry Horse Autumn/Winter Menu 2017/2018

OUT of the chain restaurants that we feature, Hungry Horse, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, made the fewest additions to their newest menu. Even of the additions that Hungry Horse have made, there’s not really much ‘newness’ added here. As with the other menu reviews, this post will get updated with the more of the menu we try. Unless specified otherwise, all pictures were taken from the Super Mare in Weston-super-Mare.


When we first perused through the new menus across the board, one of the stand out dishes was definitely the Bacon Popcorn. It sounds snacky but moreish and, being Bacon, something that would be extremely popular. Unfortunately they didn’t live up to the hype. The cubes of Bacon are breaded and there are quite a few pieces included in the dish. They come with Oozy Boozy Cheese Sauce and BBQ Sauce, although they must have ran out of the latter as neither of the dishes we ordered that said came with BBQ Sauce arrived with BBQ Sauce without being told it was the case. The Oozy Boozy Cheese Sauce is also a somewhat unnecessary title as there was nothing boozy about it and it wasn’t particularly oozy either. It tasted very much of a powdery Cheese sauce that is manufactured on a big scale that has a mushy texture and just doesn’t feel that nice in the mouth. The Bacon Popcorn that we received was also overdone which was further disappointing. Instead of being crisp as advertised, these were extremely chewy and sometimes really hard. It’s a real shame because if the Bacon had been crisp or even on the tender side, the Popcorn would have really been quite moreish and a nice little snack. Price: £3.99.


For the lovers of Chicken, there’s a new Chicken Stacker for you to share and enjoy. It’s a no thrills Sharer and is just a medley of all the finger-food type Chicken options all available on one plate. With this dish, there’s four Chicken Wings, six Louisiana Chicken Strips, four Chicken Nuggets and two Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. The dish also comes with a bucket, or in our case a ceramic dish, of Fries, Coleslaw and a dressed Salad Garnish. The lack of BBQ Sauce, which is advertised on the menu, meant options of flavouring the Chicken were limited which left some of the Chicken pieces rather dry. The inclusion of Chicken Nuggets is something you don’t tend to see other than on the Children’s Menu and it’s a nice addition to a decent Chicken medley. It is a relatively perfect dish for the fans of Chicken that perhaps only want to pick and snack on something. Price: £9.29.


It began as Oceans Aplenty back in 2015, that was then taken off the menu before reemerging as a Seaside Platter which appeared on the limited edition Best of British Menu in the Spring/Summer edition in 2017. That has now made a full comeback and sits on the menu. It was a surprise to see it not remain on the menu when it first appeared as it provided a different type of medley, combo dish that no-one else had seemingly considered. But now that it is back, it should once again be quite popular. The only conceivable difference to this incarnation compared to the one that featured earlier in 2017 is that there are no Calamari Rings, which again provided something seldom seem on a lot of chained restaurant menus. Instead there’s now two breaded Torpedo Prawns which go alongside the 12 breaded crispy prawns that remains in the dish. There’s also four Cod Goujons and five breaded Wholetail Scampi. You get a choice of Garden Peas or Mushy Peas as well as some Tartare Sauce and a jug of Chip Shop Curry Sauce to really complete this ‘Chippy’ dish. The dish also comes with Hungry Horse’s new and best ever Chips. Usually when a comment like this is made it’s either not usually correct or there’s not really a taste difference. With these though, they are much lighter and fluffier and do seem to be some really good Chips, which really compliments this nice Fish platter. Price: £11.99.


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