About The Food Review Specialists

Welcome to our blog, we hope you find something useful and enjoyable here.

We are a couple who simply love food and enjoy trying new things that the food world has to offer. With a journalism degree to my name, I am the main contributor but the opinions are ours and the pictures, mainly from the restaurants, are taken by my girlfriend.

Our aim is to deliver reviews of the latest food products released by the brands that everyone knows and loves. Alongside this, we will review restaurants from around the North Somerset area, mainly, and also try as many new menus from all the popular chains as we possibly can.

We are completely impartial. We don’t get paid anything for doing this and all products/meals are purchased by us. We aim to give you the lowest price for products, correct at the time of print, with checks on MySupermarket.co.uk. For products that MySupermarket doesn’t have, we then search across all the major supermarkets to find you the lowest price.

As well as this, we aim to give you better calorie intake information. We’ve noticed that some products give calorie information in servings or per litre, when it’s only a 250ml drink, or a ‘serving’ that is some ludicrous amount that people either aren’t really interested in or would be unwilling to measure out. Our calorie information will either come from MySupermarket or Nutracheck.co.uk.

We aim to try as much as possible. But, with working full time, posts can be erratic at times and for this we apologise but we do try to do as much as possible. We do hope you find our reviews interesting and informative and mainly just enjoy our work.

Try not to get too hungry! Paul & Dani 🙂


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