Dairy Milk Chopped Nut

THERE’S been a lot of controversy surrounding the Chocolate market recently over resizing and ultimately decreasing certain bars of Chocolate. Toblerone have taken a lot of the flak in recent weeks with more space being added between the chunks and the chunks also becoming shorter and this attention has possibly allowed Dairy Milk to slip under the radar.

Not too long ago, Dairy Milk released a new type of ‘sharing’ bar that was probably about a quarter of the size of their original bars. They’re not as long and they are a hell of a lot shallower too. The decrease in size has, however, enabled Dairy Milk to create a new Chocolate Bar in Dairy Milk Chopped Nut.

It’s a replacement of the Whole Nut which has always been a favourite amongst customers, but you simply couldn’t fit a whole Nut into these new bars as there would be no room for any Chocolate. Depending on how you feel about Whole Nut, this new bar is perhaps nicer as there’s no dry nutty taste which you get sometimes and blends in more with the Chocolate. But there’s also no more satisfying crunch from biting into one of those Nuts. As a bar of Chocolate, it’s a good bar which is perhaps more flavourful than a Whole Nut bar. But the reason why this Chopped Nut bar has been invented is the issue as Mondelez, who own both Cadbury and Toblerone, seem hell bent on destroying iconic food structures yet still charge us, the customer, the same price for less food and leaving us feeling rather ripped off.

Price: £1 (Iceland)

Calories: 130 per 6 chunks (23.8g) – 519 per 95g bar

Would We Buy Again (/5): 2


Dairy Milk Medley

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Oat & Crunch


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