Pip Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter

IT’S HARD not to get excited sometimes when you see a new product that sounds really nice. But unfortunately, there’s a lot of times where these nice sounding products don’t actually deliver and leave us feeling rather disappointed. This is one of those times.

Peanut Butter was always a favourite amongst schoolchildren and parents alike even though it greatly divided the opinion and there’s probably a lot of you out there who haven’t touched the stuff since those school days. Pip Nut are hoping to change that though with their new limited edition Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter. Maple Syrup has long been popular over here, especially after travelling to North America and sampling the proper stuff, with its woody taste that can add a sweet darkness to desserts, or breakfasts if that’s when you sample Pancakes. With this in mind, it was hopeful that this new Peanut Butter would also now have that woody taste to really liven the spread up.

However, there’s absolutely no darkness to this Peanut Butter whatsoever which was really disappointing. Despite being quite liquefied, this Peanut Butter was really quite dry and just didn’t really have much of a taste to it. Unlike other Peanut Butters, you could taste the Peanuts which is a nice touch and they do add a crunch but this isn’t really what was hoped for and it’s really lacking flavour.

Price: £1.98 (Morrisons)

Calories: 88 per 15g serving

Would We Buy Again (/5): 1


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