Rowse Honey & Cinnamon

FOR A foodstuff that’s been around since the Ancient Egyptians, Honey hasn’t really changed too much, not that it’s needed to.

However one of the biggest names in Honey has decided to do what most companies do when trying to re-market their brand, add another flavour into the mix. Rowse has given their sweet nectar an even sweeter twist by creating their Honey with a hint of Cinnamon and it works really well.

Luckily, Rowse hasn’t skimped on the Cinnamon so there’s a clear sweet burn in every mouthful and it’s just a combination that goes together nicely. It’s a really sweet alternative to Jam or even standard Honey and this should be tried by everyone who likes the golden stuff. It’s available in a 250g squeezy bottle.

Price: £1.50 (Ocado)

Calories: 32 per 10g spoonful

Would We Buy Again (/5): 4


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3 thoughts on “Rowse Honey & Cinnamon

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